onsdag, oktober 08, 2008

I guess you could call this an developers wet dream...

Or something.. :D

So, I got this room filled with computers, geeks needs something to give credit for their geekness :), so atleast 4-5 is needed, but this is noisy, costly in terms of power consumption, and today we want to be a little greener than yesterday.. (ah, well, let’s see about that)

So, after some dealing with my boss, I got this nice home-computer, so I can do some serious work from home, atleast, it’s the plan :)

Dell offered me this thingy, called T7400, which I can say, it’s a pure monster. The weight alone was about to kill me, carrying this thingy 4 floors..

Some geeky details:
- 2 x Xeon E5440, 4 core, 12MB cache, 2.84Ghz
- 8 x 2 GB Fully Buffered RAM (with 8 sockets to spare)
- 2 x 750 GB SATA’s in RAID (stripe of course, who’s scared?)
- Nvidia Quadro FX 570 gfx card
- Powerhouse of an PSU, 1KW.. (the not so green thing)
- And ofcourse, and Dell 24” monitor, wish it was 30”.. (Sponsors??)

Later adjusted a bit, an extra 1TB harddrive, and an 150GB 10RPM RaptorX drive as an system drive.
All my drive, except the Raptor is 7200RPM, but my computer is quiet as, uhm, an bee… :)

Some pics:

Some memory, this is like 16GB of memory, Fully Buffered kind, wish they choosed some cheaper drugz, I need more soon:), however, I have 8 slots available…

And a few cores, conveniently wrapped in lots of four in each tower, the towers are hiding my Xeon E5440, 2.83Ghz, 4core, It’s not the worst computing towers money can buy, but they will suffice fine..
Even developers need some gfx, As an dev, I hardly can justify hardcore shit, I even don’t spend time with games, so I only got this Quadro FX570, but it seems to be good enough for me:

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