lørdag, mai 12, 2007

Computer Controlled Coffee Roasting

A friend of me pointed me to this. Surfing a bit lead me to others also doing things like this.

About three years ago, I was also geeking out and roasting my own beans, nothing can compare to fresh roasted beans, here is some pictures from that time:

First the equipment, and popcorn maker, slightly modified.
Based on experience, do not use that brown packing cellutape..
The tincan on top is a empty can of some corn or peaches, The reason for the tin-can, is to make an pipe, and that will make it hotter inside the popper:

Inside, the small holes in the bottom is where the hot air flow:

End result, I did not take a note of which beans this was, maybe I was a little to ecstatic about the fact that the result was looking good.:), and it tasted good also, but I had problem with timing, sometimes it was good for coffee, sometimes good for espresso..

Maybe it is time to pick it up again?:)