søndag, juni 17, 2007

Shopping for groceries and food in Nigeria

I haven't blogged much about my trip to Nigeria last year, maybe I should, but after reading an entry from Hobotraveller, I wantet to post these picutures:

This is streetfood, Suya, or Barbeque as we call it in europe, this was very good, I eat lot of it, but I think one should be careful about where you buy it:

This is my favorite suya-spot:

Food is ready, sign outside an shop selling drinks and soup, the "banana" is plantain, my girl did not allow me to taste the pepper soup, I think she worries to much about my tolerance to pepper :), but I got to taste the beer though:

Selling Gas in Lagos, there was several stores like this around, very clean and ok, and very "not-in-africa" experience:

Another Gas-store, here in europe we have "On the Rrun" signs on the Esso stations:

Woman selling biscuits and snacks in one of Lagos motorparks:

Selling fruit in Benin City, look at the size of the pineaple, very nice, I cannot find anything like this here:

Mr Bigs in Benin City, very similar to McDonalds etc, but they sells west-african food as fast-food, they also had burgers, but I would not recomend those, the chicken with rice and dodo is great though:

Inside Mr Bigs

Selling Gari, Tomatos, Yam, Water, Oil, Onions etc:

Woman selling lots of tin cans, I cropped her out of the photo, I think she was very proud of her collection, I bought Heinz Ketchup here :)