torsdag, september 28, 2006

Independent music: Saskia

This is an cd you should consider for your collection, very nice music if you like the pop electronic genre, I would guess that most do.

Some information and pictures here, and you can buy it, and listen to it here.

Ginger Candy

Ginger is supposedly healthy, but wonder how healthy this kind of candy is, it tastes very good indeed.

The bonbon's are chewy, good strong ginger taste, the things in the back of the picture are pickled ginger, good sweet taste, but not strong as the bonbons.

tirsdag, september 26, 2006

Windows Explorer gone bad...

This is something that happens to all of my installation, right after an fresh installation this happens, and it rides me forever.. what is the problem?.

When the browser looks like this, I have to shut down all Windows Explorer instances and reopen so I can use it.. after a few hours, I need to repeat..

This is from the top of the folderlist:

And this is from the bottom of the list:

søndag, september 24, 2006

torsdag, september 14, 2006

Camera Image Sensor Sizes

There are lots of SLR's popping out on the market today, but the size of the ImageSensor was a bit confusing, i.e. what size do I have on my compact camera?, what is that size compared to SLR's?

This article gives discusses the sizes between fullformat and APS-C which is the common size for SLR's today (consumer, pro-sumer cameras)

This article shows you the differenses for common sensor sizes that are, or has been in use.

So, my camera, an Canon Powershot S60 has something called 1/1.8 inch, and is 7.176 x 5.319mm, compare that to an APS-C, which is about 22 x 15 mm (I see there are some small variations there), and an fullformat imagesensor is an whopping 36 x 24, but that costs an fortune compared to APS-C.

tirsdag, september 12, 2006

Exit open programs...

Software from MS is really annoying from time to time.. was about to update MSN Live Messenger (or what they call it today), and this came up:

What is the point with this??
It's okay if I need to shutdown the program to be updated, that is just normal, but what's the point with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Visual Studio, Outlook, Query Analyzer etc??

Geez.. gimme a break..